6 Reasons No One Under The Age 30 Wants To Work At Your Company

By Andy Kistler on May 24, 2016 3:30:30 AM

In an era characterized by constant technological change, our society loves startups. From the bean bag chairs to the flexible work hours, the startup culture is establishing new standards for the way we work, and these standards are quickly becoming expectations that young professionals are taking into the workplace.

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Why Employees Leave Companies

By Brian Griffith on Feb 22, 2016 1:19:34 PM

The well-researched and bestselling book, “Good to Great”, speculates that one of the most important characteristics of great companies is the quality of human capital within its ranks. Truly visionary companies know how to get the right people on their bus and in the right seats. Once this happens, the right people are smart and motivated enough to figure out where the bus should be going and how they are going to get there. But finding and keeping the right people is no small task.

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