What Not to Say When Giving Feedback

By Elizabeth Paul on Oct 4, 2016 12:12:24 PM

Are you giving bad feedback?
Feedback is one of the most important tools that an organization can use in their daily operations. When done correctly, feedback offers opportunities for improvement, increased production, and greater efficiency. However, if done incorrectly, feedback can lose its benefits and even become counterproductive.
But when you are faced with giving feedback to individuals, how do you know if you are doing it incorrectly or if it will be beneficial to the person receiving the feedback? In their article, Actionable feedback: Unlocking the power of learning and performance improvement, Mark Cannon and Robert Witherspoon offer five characteristics of flawed and counterproductive feedback. The characteristics that they present offer a well-defined guideline of what not to do when giving feedback to others.

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7 Traits of Self-Managing Teams

By Elizabeth Paul on Sep 6, 2016 7:12:12 PM

If you are a team leader and the team is able to function without you micro-managing everything, you have done your job. As a leader, you should focus on designing a team that knows how to function by itself, otherwise known as a self-managing team. As a leader, you continue to coach and assist the team, but largely, the team knows how to run itself, the ultimate goal of a well-designed team.
So, what does a self-managing team look like? Ruth Wageman outlined the makeup of a self-managing team in Critical Success Factors for Creating Superb Self-Managing Teams. Here are seven key factors that all self-managing team need to succeed.

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