Creativity and the Power of Divergent Thinking

By Brian Griffith on Mar 6, 2018 6:30:00 AM

Creativity can be difficult to define and even more difficult to facilitate. In her book, Making the Team: A Guide For Managers, Leigh Thompson states that “Team creativity is the Holy Grail of teamwork: Everyone wants it, but very few people know where to look for it or how to set up the conditions to make it happen." Here's how you do it.

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Roles and Responsibilities on Teams

By Brian Griffith on Mar 25, 2016 3:01:16 PM

As teams work on common goals, members fill various roles and responsibilities to contribute to the group effort. Researchers Steven Bray and Lawrence Brawley define roles as a “set of prescriptions that define the behaviors required of an individual member who occupies a certain position.” These roles can be assigned by the leader, decided by the team, or volunteered for by specific members. Regardless of how the decision is made, the leader must believe the member assigned to a particular role has the skills, commitment and appropriate attitude to carry out the task.

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Nonverbal Communication In The Workplace

By Brian Griffith on Mar 4, 2016 10:05:10 AM


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