Survey Prices

Each survey costs $225 for an unlimited number of evaluators. Team surveys cost $225 for each member of the team since members get both an individual report and a team report. 

  • No setup fees or long-term commitments
  • Quantity discounts calculated at the point of purchase
  • Use a credit card to purchase survey credits
  • Use survey credits to launch new surveys
  • Survey credits have no expiration date


Quantity Discounts

  10-24 surveys 10% discount
  25-99 surveys 15% discount
  100-199 surveys 20% discount
  200-299 surveys 25% discount
  300+ surveys 30% discount
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We customize our workshops based upon the G360 results of the attendees and the specific needs of the organization. Thus, several conversations and planning sessions are needed to design the perfect workshop. Typically, workshops are designed for up to 30 participants and are held at the client's location in order to reduce travel costs. Our instructors use a combination of lectures, case studies, and experiential exercises to facilitate learning. Contact us for more information on specific prices and details based upon your needs.



Participants often benefit from individual coaching to help turn their feedback into action. Typically, we suggest three 45 minute sessions. The first session is spent processing the feedback and understanding the results. In the second session, we collaborate with the end user to create a detailed Personal Development Plan. The third session focuses on progress and addresses any obstacles that may be blocking change.  Each 45 minute session is priced at $300. Our clients find that these individual coaching sessions have a very high return on investment.

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