Users launch their own surveys and get meaningful feedback in only 48 hours


Basic feedback is free while the premium PDF report is $24.95 which includes personal comments from raters along with comparisons to national norms and resources for development. Take a look at a sample report.

Two Options

Leadership Pulse

Get feedback from colleagues and direct reports by sending them a link to our secure survey system which allows them 48 hours to respond. Ideal for managers who want to know how they're doing in areas such as integrity, approachability, work ethic, motivating others and developing others. Resources and suggestions for improvement are included in the premium report. Click the link below to set up a free account.


Career Booster

Getting ahead in today's workplace is not always that easy. The G360 Career Booster is perfect for people who want to achieve their potential. Especially valuable for people who are early in their careers who want to know how they're perceived in areas such as dependability, initiative, communication and collaboration. Resources and suggestions for improvement are included in the premium report. Click the link below to begin.


Here's How It Works

When users launch a survey, they get a link to send to feedback providers via text or email. After 48 hours, they get three types of feedback.
  • First, they'll get a word cloud with strengths that raters identified from a list of over 100 adjectives.
  • Second, they'll be evaluated on eight core competencies that are strongly associated with success.
  • Finally, they'll get specific comments from their raters about what they are doing well and what they could do to improve. This is included in the premium report.
Companies can purchase blocks of pulse surveys for their employees to download premium reports.

Features and Benefits

Feature table - 24.95