A Common Story

One of the top three reasons people leave their current job is because of an ineffective or frustrating manager. But it's not always their fault! Successful engineers, sales people, nurses, etc. often get promoted into leadership positions without any formal preparation or training. They can quickly feel in over their heads and unprepared for their new responsibilities. Sometimes even experienced managers become discouraged and need new strategies to deal with large numbers of disengaged employees. That's where we can help.

Customized Training

G360 Leadership Academies are customized for each class. Based upon individual 360 degree feedback that measures important leadership competencies, we create workshops to address your development needs. Taught by three professors with CEO experience, participants are sure to gain meaningful insights and practical guidance for career success.

  • Two and three day programs
  • Taught by award winning university professors
  • Conducted at your location for up to 30 participants
  • Integrated with 360 degree feedback
  • Guaranteed to facilitate growth and development

Each engagement begins with a discussion with key stakeholders on the learning objectives you'd like to see achieved by the program. Then, participants will take one of our 360 degree surveys that will collect data on both their strengths and their development opportunities. Finally, an initial curriculum will be created for ongoing discussions and ultimate client approval. 


Some of Our Workshops

  • Emerging Leaders

  • Leadership Academy

  • High Performing Teams

Would you like to know more?


Participants have described our academies as nothing short of life changing. We have a team of world class educators who can create a workshop to meet your specific learning objectives and organizational needs. Let us know what you're looking for and one of our principles will contact you right away.